Zambia - China Flag
Zambia - China Flag

China and Zambia relationship which span 55 years this year has been a long and to a large extent a mutually beneficial one, a former Zambian diplomat said Tuesday.

Vernon Mwaanga, who is an ex-diplomat and former foreign affairs minister, told Xinhua in a statement that China supported Zambia’s just struggle for independence from British colonial rule and helped the country construct a gigantic railway project as well as other noteworthy infrastructural projects.

China under the leadership of late Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai, agreed to help Zambia undertake the railway construction project and provided both financial, technical as well as human resources. Many Zambian, Tanzanian and Chinese workers lost their lives in the process of constructing Tanzania Zambia Railways (TAZARA), whose works started in 1965.

China provided Zambia with assistance in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure development generally by way of roads, hydro power, modern football stadiums along with other infrastructure, said Mwaanga.

The relationship is a mutually beneficial one based on a win-win situation for both countries, according to Mwaanga.

“It has been a long continuing journey of 55 years and both countries must ensure that they build on this special relationship, which was carefully negotiated and established by the founding fathers in both Zambia and China,” said Mwaanga. Enditem


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