The Juaso Circuit Court, presided over by Mr. Fredrick Tetteh, has sentenced a 27-year old ex-convict to 30 years imprisonment in hard labour for robbery.


Opoku Adusei, who had twice served jailed terms over theft, was handed down the punishment after he pleaded guilty to the crime.

He had hurt an Imam at Agogo in the Asante-Akim North District during a robbery attack.

Police Chief Inspector Dennis Nana Duku told the court that the incident happened on January 26, at about 0330 hours.

The victim, Imam Abdul Aziz, was woken from his sleep by an unusual noise in his room, only to see Adusei right in the act of carrying away his gas cylinder.

He grabbed the convict by the shirt before he could escape.

The prosecution said Adusei pulled a knife from his pocket, slashed the Imam in the neck – opening a deep cut, in a bid to free himself and the latter bled profusely.

Imam Aziz would, however, not let him go as the pair engaged in fierce struggle, attracting other occupants of the house.
The convict was overpowered and handed over to the Agogo police.



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