According to the newest study Rajasthan are lost one panther in the every two days. Many reasons of the Panther’s killed most reason for death of panther is road accidents, attacked after the straying into the habitats of human and poached.

Panthers are endangered the animals listed under the schedule 1st of wildlife protection Act that gives them absolute the protection. A proposed panther sanctuary in the Kumbhalgarh and the other regions could probably save wildlife species.

Desert national park is most popular among the national parks of India. It is one of the largest national parks in the world. It is situated in both districts Jaisalmer.

Last year started project panther by the RS 5.8 crore and received the fund before a month. The wildlife sanctuary of the Kumbhalgarh in the district of Pali in Rajasthan is an ideal area for panthers.

We spent first instalment of the RS fifty lakhs to improve habitat of wildlife sanctuary, water arrangement and building fence, said by chief of the wildlife warden of Rajasthan, A C Chaubey.  

According to the protecting project of the panthers are improvements in the Desert National Park. According to the newest census of the wildlife rajasthan has kept approximately 560 panthers. Kumbhalgarh has taken first position in the rajasthan in the term of population of the panther. 83 panthers have into this sanctuary. However Pali district is main habitat for the panthers but its population are decline between 2010 and 2011 in the Pali district. Pali has 89 panthers in the 2010 and just has 82 panthers. Their various are dwindling due to the shrinking house and the increase man and animal conflict.

One panthers was the reported in Juliflora jungle in the Jodhpur.

We asked the residents not to the comer the panther or provoke it as also as animal doesn’t attack the any animal and the human, said Chaubey. Forest officials said, there are approximately a dozen patches in a part covering 600 hectares on periphery of Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary where panthers are living in the large numbers.

The decline in population of the panthers’ prey, including the rabbits, cheetahs and deer has the forced them to explore for food in the residential areas. They are generally fond of the dogs, a forest officer said. “A best prey foundation must be the created. There is proposal to construction the enclosures outside sanctuary for improved the captive breeding in 20 to 80 kilometres stretch the outside National Park in India. Animals will be released in forest,” he said.

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