Evans kidnapper

From: Bamidele Fashube, (ABUJA), Nigeria (GVE) – In a slight drama on Monday, suspected kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans, broke into tears over his alleged maltreatment in prison.

Evans, who was brought before the Igbosere High Court in Lagos, Nigeria barefooted and in a green, torn tee shirt accused the prisons authority of ill- treatment.


Earlier, when his case was called, Evans had refused to come down from the Black Maria that conveyed him to court until the court ordered that the prison warders bring him into the court.

On getting to the dock, Evans told the presiding Judge, Justice Adedayo Akintoye that he was not being treated well in prison, adding that he was also denied medical attention or visitation.

“I have an explanation to make since I have been in the maximum prison, they have been maltreating me, no visit, they don’t feed me well, I have an eye problem and I can not see far,” he said.

However, the prison warder from Kirikiri Maximum prison told the court that Evans, is being taken care of like every other inmate and that he has been seeing a doctor since he complained about his health.

“We have been treating him very well, he is well fed and people have been visiting him. The doctor has been checking him, the doctor came to check him yesterday and even this morning before coming to court. Because he was saying he can’t be in court that he is not feeling fine, but when the doctor checked him yesterday and this morning, the doctor said he was healthy and that he sees no reason why he can’t be in court”.

Also affirming to this, the second defendant’s counsel Ogedi Ogu, maintained that his client has repeatedly complained of such treatment.

Justice Akintoye, however, asked the prisons to ensure that he was well taken care of like the other inmate adding that the defendants are still presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“What have I done to you people, they have been beating me, no good food, I have been locked up in one place since August 30 last year. Why are they taking my case personal?” Evans asked.

“Let me face my trial alive, why do you people want to kill me,” he queried.


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