Europe is facing a new trend in jewellery robbery and burglary that criminals are becoming more violent and using heavy vehicles to drive into jewellery stores, Europol said Thursday in a statement.

The European Police Office (Europol), the European Union’s law enforcement agency, organized an international conference on fighting jewellery robbery.

More than 70 experts from EU member states, as well as private jewellery and watch companies, attended the discussion, said the statement

They gathered to exchange information and tools that can be used to tackle the criminal rings involved.

“Criminals are becoming more inventive, as well as using technology to their advantage to carry out the most daring robberies and burglaries,” said Michael Rauschenbach, Europol’s head of serious and organized crime.

Investigation also found that individuals from South America, in particular, have been traveling to Europe to rob jewellery stores, according to the statement.

Europol said it intends to establish a warning system dedicated to tracking stolen watches and jewellery and increase the analysis and reports. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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