An international magazine, Euromoney, said on Thursday that it would organise a conference on Nigeria’s attractiveness as a strong financial centre in Lagos.

Hakeem Jimo, spokesman of the magazine, said in a statement in Lagos  that the conference  would discuss  global market conditions and its effects on Nigeria

 He said the conference would also  discuss how Nigeria could prepare for the global stage.

” The conference will discuss how corporate organisations will expand their businesses into neighbouring countries and other countries of the world.

? Many Nigerians have entrepreneurial flair which supports the prediction that Nigeria will be Africa?s largest economy within five years.

“Nigeria, with her abundant natural and human resources, has the strongest potential growth story across the continent,” he said.

Jimo  said  that sugar and cement businesses were good examples of local companies that had created viable manufacturing businesses in spite of high additional costs of production.

The CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi is expected to deliver a keynote address at the conference.


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