The Kenyan enterprise has been nominated together with other 5 African-based projects that will be presented during the AFIF 2017, convened by EMRC in Nairobi, Kenya

EuroFresh Exotics has been nominated for the AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2017 (, for their production and exportation of fresh fruits and vegetables using innovative farming techniques.

EuroFresh was created in 2012 by Ms. Lydia Wambui, who will defend her project during the Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2017 (13-16 February), in front of an audience composed by SMEs managers, entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives coming from across Africa.

The Kenyan company exports snow peas, sugar snaps, bird’s-eye chilies, passion fruit, avocados and French beans. Under the leadership of Ms. Wambui, they also organize capacity building trainings for smallholder farmers from… Read more

Source: EuroFresh Exotics


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