The European Union has given strong indications of releasing funds for some projects outlined in last year?s budget.

EUThe gesture feeds perfectly into government?s prayer of having some frozen funds released by donor partners.

About 500 million dollars have been frozen because of concerns with management of the economy and the wage bill.

President Mahama at the May Day Celebration last Friday noted that he is hopeful the funds would come as soon as the IMF completes its review of the economy under the bailout. But it appears the funds might come before the IMF completes its review of the economy.

Head of the EU delegation to Ghana William Hanna told Joy Business, ?There has been debate in the European Parliament in the month of April. The very beginning of April there was a general debate on budget support and a question was asked about the situation in Ghana.

?And there was also another debate last week of the budget committee of the European Parliament which went well. I am optimistic that we should see decision to resume budget support [to Ghana] in the coming weeks.?

He said the EU was initially concerned about Ghana?s budget deficit and what was causing it as well as the wage bill.

However, having had some level of discussions with government, William Hanna said the EU was convinced ?significant measures have been taken? by Ghana to correct the anomalies, which included an inter-ministerial committee to ensure a radical overhaul of the pay roll system to rid it of ghost names.

In a related development, the EU has launched week-long activities to mark European Union Day in Ghana. One of the highlights of the celebrations will be a launch of the European Business Organization to support small businesses in the country.

The European Investment Bank is also expected to advance some funds to assist entrepreneurs.


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