European Union
European Union

The European Union (EU) and Nigeria on Monday agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation and increase investment flow into the West African country.

Noting the EU was working to facilitate increased investment in Nigeria, its ambassador to the country, Michel Arion said the European bloc sees greater economic prospects in the most populous African country.


“We believe that our prosperity is your prosperity, we see West Africa as a block of ECOWAS and Nigeria as the big economy in the area,” Arion said.

According to him, the whole point was not on what the EU could do for Nigeria but what the EU and Nigeria could do together.

Nigeria’s foreign minister Geoffrey Onyeama said the country was working closely with the EU, especially in the process of the diversification of the Nigerian economy.

“We are looking to an important trading partner and we naturally looked to the EU to explore trade opportunity for our country,” he added.


Source: Xinhua/