China africa
China africa

A senior Ethiopian official has urged enhanced efforts to boost China-Africa economic cooperation based on mutual respect and win-win situation.

Arkebe Oqubay, Ethiopian minister and special advisor to the Prime Minister, made the remarks at the two-day international conference that was wrapped up on Saturday at the AU headquarters in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, after deliberations on joint efforts of China and Africa in further promoting sustainable development.

Stating that the China-Africa ties is not a recent phenomenon, the Official said China, which has been supporting Africa for noble causes, is an important strategic friend of the African continent.

Recalling that China’s development is an inspiration to Africa, Oqubay said China has been playing key role in Africa’s socio-economic development, by partnering with the continent in trade, infrastructure development, investment, and capacity building among others.

China has been an important player in the anti-colonial war; in the liberation movement against colonialism and to end apartheid. So, this is an important context to note; since 1980 the economic ties between China and Africa has also expanded to the economic side and after the year 2000 particularly, since China going more global, Arkebe has said.

“China cannot be a new colonial power; China is a country that has suffered colonialism. So, it cannot be associated with new colonialism. And this charge and allegation is not coming from Africans; it is not coming from African rulers; it is coming elsewhere; this opinion is not a correct narrative,” he has noted.

“A constructive narrative is that China-Africa cooperation has been based on basic principles of win-win, mutual respect and the principle of non-interference, which has been able to give it a solid base,” he said, adding that “since the year 2000 up to now, for the last 20 years this cooperation has expanded.”

Arkebe has noted that the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation has now become the leading south-south cooperation platform.

Talking about trade balance, Arkebe said China are technologically sophisticated, industrial goods while the goods exported from this continent are mainly raw materials, commodity, and agricultural products. Chinese investments are key to Ethiopian employment and technological improvement. Enditem



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