Michael Essien
Michael Essien

By: James K. Attaglo Wilson

AC Milan midfielder Michael Essien has given his testimony on the happenings of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry via Skype www.sports24gh.com can confirm.

Michael Essien
Michael Essien

Speaking to the Justice Dzamefe led Commission of Inquiry around 3:00 pm on Monday, Essien denied that he did not refuse to take part in the warm up session of the team before their last group game against Portugal.

“It is not true that I didn’t take part in the warm up. As far as I’m concerned, substitutes need not to always warm up before matches, but they do so when changes are about to be made,” he noted.

According to the former Chelsea stalwart there are too many people around the team and this needs to be checked in other to give the players the necessary concentration they need.

“The appearance fee wasn’t the problem, but the way promises were made and not fulfilled at last was the problem.”

“I don’t think players play for the Black Stars because of money, but we do so because of the pride and honour that comes with it. For instance, I sacrificed to play for Ghana despite going through nine surgeries,” he added.

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