Esoko Market Watch Week Ending June 6
Esoko Market Watch Week Ending June 6
Esoko Market Watch Week Ending June 6
Esoko Market Watch Week Ending June 6

Groundnut Shelled
On the wholesale market a bag of shelled groundnut maintained its high prices on the market. A bag of the commodity shot up by 21 percent in Accra?and was sold for GHS 410.00 from last last weeks GHS 340.00. In Tamale and Techiman it went up by 17 percent. It closed at GHS 276.00 from last?weeks GHS 236.00.00 for Tamale and GHS 350.00 from last weeks GHS 300.00 in Techiman. In Kumasi inched up by 3 percent from last weeks?GHS 270.00 to close the week at GHS 360.00. A kilo of groundnut went up on some of the retail markets. In Techiman it experienced 25 percent raise?in price from GHS 4.00 to GHS 5 at the end of the week. Tamale move from GHS 2.92 to GHS 3.41 representing an increase of 17 percent and Accra also?moved from GHS 4.34 to GHS 4.87 representing an increase of 4 percent. These increases in the price of the commodity on the?variuos markets across the country, is due to the limitted supply of the commodity to the market because it it the lean season for groundnut.


Fresh Tomatoes
The 52kg crate of tomato which have been very high on most of mmarkets have saw some decline in some markets this week. It dipped by 24 percent?to close the week at GHS 340.00 in Accra, 23 percent in Kumasi to close the week at GHS 200.00 and 25 percent to close the week at GHS 300.00 in?Takoradi. It however shot up by 38 percentage in Dambai to close the week at GHS 150.00. Market watcher are attributing the the fall in prices to?the coming onto the market of the local variety which some areas have started harvesting.?On the retail market a kilo of the commodity decrease by 25 percent in Accra to close at GHS 6.73. In Kumasi it was sold for GHS 5.00 represnting a 21?percent decrease and Takoradi also decrease by 11 percent to close the week at GHS 8.00. It however shot up by 25 percentage points to close the?week at GHS 2.50 at Tamale.


Market Profile
Techiman Market
Techiman is the capital of the Techiman Municipality which is in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. It is about 361km from Accra.
The town plays host to one of the leading markets in Ghana which is recognized internationally. The Techiman market is also an
important market for Esoko and its market watchers. Trading activities on the wholesale market starts from Tuesday when
traders from far bring their produce and prepare for the main trading which starts from Wednesday to Friday. People from both
Ghana and the neighboring countries come to the market, about 10,000 people visit the market during this period. The retail
market is a daily market and people come to do business on daily bases. Some of the commodities available in the market are
maize, groundnut, cowpea, soya bean, plantain, cassava, tomatoes, pepper, onions, yam, palm oil, palm fruit, etc.

Source:?Esoko Market


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