Speaking on Hitz 103.9 FM, an Accra Based Radio Station’s Hitz Gallery with Maximous Mensah aka Dr. Pounds last Wednesday, eShun explained that after the Mentor Reality Show, TV3 management left contestants “to their fate”.

Photography She said they don’t help build the final product of the competition though in a contract that they sign with the final four, it is stated that they will support them when they need help by way of promotions on their network for three months.

“…they just leave you to your fate, they don’t check up on you, and when you reach out, they don’t help you”, she further stated.

She also indicated that, one of the winners of the show, AkosuaMantey staged name Akos who hails from Cape Coast has “complained about it several times and it’s actually on record but nothing has been done about it”. She cited many other contestants who have gone through TV3 Mentor but have received no help from the management.

Talking about her own experience with TV3, she told Dr.Pounds that she actually took two of her songs, “Meye” and “New Girl” to the station and they never played them.

“I went there with my CD, Meye and Newgurl, I sent it to their office and they didn’t play it, she lamented According to eShun, artist are made to sign a contract that TV3 will play their songs for three months, after they’ve released something but she sent two videos of her songs and they didn’t play.

“What they did for me was a minute interview and even that I had to call and plead with them before they played it on news”, she added.

Though she is grateful to them for discovering her and for all the training she received during the show, she said, “It’s just about dumping and leaving you to your own fate that really bothers all of us, everybody who has been through their platform.

She thanked her Management team, Quophimens Musiq and some people in the industry who have been of immersed help to her. She mentioned Kiki Banson (Former Manager ofBecca), VVIP, Cynthia Quarcoo, Senyo Agbeblewu, Kofi Mills (Former President Mills Son) and others who have been very supportive of her journey so far.

Source: Quophimens Konnett


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