A Nordic tour may include sightseeing trips in the capital cities of Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki, as well as giving visitors the opportunity to appreciate the gorgeous scenery as they journey from place to place.  Here is a list of locations in Scandinavia that every good Nordic tour should include;


One of the world’s most impressive views is this magnificent fjord on the coast of Norway.  With its vertical sides covered in lush green vegetation and waterfalls that tumble down into the sapphire blue waters below, it is no wonder that UNESCO felt compelled to add it to their list of World Heritage Sites.  A Nordic tour might take holidaymakers for a drive along the side of the fjord to spectacular viewpoints, or it may even include a ride on a ferry for guests to really appreciate the enormity of the mountains from down below.

No Nordic tour would be complete without paying a visit to Geirangerfjord.

The Flam Railway

 For spectacular scenery on a Nordic tour, it is difficult to top the Flam Railway in Norway.  This incredible train journey takes passengers from Flam to the picturesque mountain village of Myrdal, travelling for 20 kilometres along steep ravines and gorgeous valleys, clinging to the sides of snow-capped mountains and passing many magnificent waterfalls.  With every tunnel the train enters, a new vista presents itself on the other side.  From the bottom of the fjord to the mountain top, the train climbs nearly 900 metres, and includes a short stop along the way at the impressive waterfall of Kjosfossen.


Being Norway’s second largest city, Bergen has plenty to offer sightseers on a Nordic tour.  For amazing views of the city and the surrounding fjords, visitors tend to head to the top of Mount Floien on the funicular railway.  The old Hanseatic Wharf is a popular place to explore and it too features on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites due to its historical importance.  Those who are interested in history and culture can while away the hours in some of the city’s museums such as the Hanseatic Museum and the Bryggens Museum.

It really is an attractive city with its waterfront location and colourful architecture, and it’s the perfect place to pick up a few souvenirs during a Nordic tour. 

Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden’s attractive capital city, has a real gem among its districts; the Old Town of Gamla Stan, which is a must-see on any Nordic tour.  Situated on one of the many islands that make up the city of Stockholm, Gamla Stan dates back to the 13th century and is characterised by its maze of cobbled alleyways and exquisite historical architecture.  Holidaymakers that travel to Gamla Stan on a Nordic tour usually visit the Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral, as these building are most impressive. However, so much of the medieval architecture in the Old Town is exquisite, it’s like walking around in a giant open-air museum.

Senate Square

A good Nordic tour should include a visit to Helsinki, Finland’s capital, and one of the city’s most treasured locations is Senate Square situated right in the heart of Helsinki.  Surrounded by buildings that represent politics, religion, science and commercialism, Carl Ludvig Engel’s architecture is a sight to behold.  On the eastern side is the Palace of the Council of State and directly opposite lies the main University building.  Dominating the Square on the northern side is Helsinki Cathedral, while in the centre there is a statue of Alexander II.  Senate Square is a hub of activity and excitement, with displays and entertainment going on all year round, and a must-see on a Nordic tour.

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