Residents of the FCT estate say the situation was caused by construction work

Residents of EFAB Estate, located within the Mbora District in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have decried erosion threats caused by construction work.

Chambers Okorie, Chairman of the EFAB Landlords and Tenants Association, told journalists that excavation had eaten deep into some compounds within the estate because of construction of roads and drainages within the area, while the expansion of the gully had occurred as a result of construction activities using heavy duty machines for the clearing of trees.

Although the association has not made a formal complaint to the Federal Capital Territory Development Authority (FCDA), Okorie lamented that the erosion posed a threat to 60 houses in the estate.

He called on the FCDA to rescue the situation, adding that further escalation could cause an ?earthquake-like situation.?

?When this project was awarded two years ago, we made enquiries and we understood that FCDA had awarded the project for the construction of roads and drainages within the Mbora community. We sent our representatives to thank the Minister, Sen. Bala Mohammed, for responding to our plight,? Okorie said.

?Our joy is now turning to sorrow due to the negligent attitude of Messrs Sammyal Construction, the contractor handling the project. We earlier alerted the company and they came and saw the effect of the excavation but did nothing to control or avert the impending danger. The community is now battling with both the environmental problem and security challenge due to the washing and the collapse of the fence.?

Obed Amazu, one of the immediate victims of the erosion, said he had spent N9 million to raise a fence which was finally washed away by downpour.

Amazu, a legal practitioner, decried the environmental threat to the lives of  residents living within the area, and called on the relevant authorities to come to the aid of the residents.

When contacted, Sammy Adigun, chairman of the company said the location of the houses in the particular area was wrong.

Adigun maintained that the houses were close to both the road and the drainages under construction.

?The location of those buildings is very close to the road and the big drain. It is also the responsibility of EFAB to protect their environment or to take their complaint to the FCDA,?  he said.

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