Ermm R?DE Reel 2014Ghanaian short film, ?Ermm? has entered into the ?My R?de Reel? International Short Film Competition. The competition is open to all filmmakers of all experience levels internationally featuring a prize pool valued at more than US$70,000. Prizes will be picked by a panel of industry leaders.

?Ermm? is a beautiful short film that provides a unique twist to the usual story of betrayal and love ? It?s a love story set in High School! Of course, majority of people who have lived through the 3 or 4 years of Boarding School will relate to certain things brought about in this short piece. Indeed it?s a must watch!

To vote for ?Ermm? to win ?My RODE Reel? International film ?Peoples? Choice Prize? vote by clicking the following link, watch the film and Vote. Please be sure to receive a confirmation message that says, ?Thank you for Voting? after voting has been done!

Let us vote to support this film so the filmmakers can win amazing filmmaking equipment to make even better films that can change the face of Ghana?s film industry.


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