Erin Andrews is demanding $75 million in damages from Marriott International. The 37-year-old broadcaster filed a lawsuit against the hotel company for secretly taping her nude through a hotel room?s peephole. The court documents also stated additional costs and interest ?and any other costs this Court deems fair.?

The eight-figure amount was revealed in a filing Tuesday, October 12 in Circuit Court in Nashville. Andrews accused Marriott and Michael David Barrett of negligence and invasion of privacy in the suit, which was originally filed in 2011. Barrett secretly taped Andrews in September 2008 and distributed the footage online.

In her lawsuit, Andrews alleged that Nashville Marriott workers helped facilitate Barrett?s videotaping by revealing that she was a guest at the hotel, telling him her room number, and complying to Barrett?s request to be placed in the room next door to her.

Barrett eventually pleaded guilty to interstate stalking and was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in 2010, but he was never imprisoned. Andrews was ordered to specify the amount of damages after attorneys argued that her claims were ?unreasonably vague and ambiguous?. A trial is set for February and is expected to take 10 days.

At the time of the taping, Andrews was working for ESPN. She is now working for Fox News as sidelines reporter. Her gig as the co-host of ?Dancing with the Stars? goes to Leah Remini as she takes a leave from the show during The World Series.



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