After concentrating on Actors and Actresses for awhile under this column, I thought to myself, ?what about the other Ghanaians in the spotlight out there who  are contributing to our advancement?? Took me a very short scout to find my next feature-Eric Kwabena Matlock. (This Matlock name reminds me of an old legal drama I used to watch in primary school )

Eric was proudly born in Kumasi, spent a good part of his Childhood in Accra, stared school at Association International School and spent most of his vacations in Awukugua, a village in the mountains of Eastern Region until age 13 when he migrated to the united states in 1983.

Eric didn?t become a musical genius overnight. He probably started before birth because as a baby, he was already beating sounds out of any available pot. And had joined a local band in Accra-Newtown way before he went to the United States. His experimentation with the drums all influenced his present beat style.

Before a song comes out, the singer is not the only talent that works on producing a hit. In fact, you cannot have a song without beat. There is a whole team that goes into the studio and works on sounds and beat to give backing to that perfect song.

Now our Eric is one of such immensely talented powers behind some of the beats we love to dance to. What beats has he worked on? Remember P Diddy?s ?I Need a Girl? by featuring Usher & Loon? Let me say that was ?beats by? Coptic-Eric Kwabena Matlock.

Eric has worked on beats for many other artistes like Ice Cube, Notorious BIG, Carl Thomas, G-Dep, Black Rob, Jermaine Dupri, KRS-One, Lil Goonie, Zimbabwe Legit, Wanlov the Kubolor, Angelique Kidjo, Gibril Da African, Mase and Memphis Bleek. And most recently has been signed on by Nike to produce music for an upcoming campaign for Nike?s brand-new football collections that combine original football culture with clean cut, contemporary styling.

Eric got into music production by hanging out at Uptown Records in the old school when Puff Daddy and Mary J Blige were getting into the industry, observing and working hard at his talent and later getting into Bad Boy Entertainment.

?Coptic? believes Ghanaian artistes are not properly compensated for their music and the industry could do so much better when we can compete with international artistes on the same standard.

Just in case you are looking to get hold of him, his Ghanaian manager is Ameyaw Debrah.

But unfortunately for us single ladies, this particular fine Ghanaian brother is taken by an American woman with whom he has a child.

His musical journey isn?t over yet so we are looking forward to more beats by this genius and possibly many Ghanaian collaborations since he is very in touch with his Ghanaian background.

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