Ho, April 8, GNA-Reverend Frank Anku, Associate Pastor of the Elorm EP Church, Ho Bankoe has exhorted Christians to let Easter transform them spiritually to make the saving grace of Jesus Christ reflect on the rest of the society.

He made the call in a sermon on Easter Sunday in Ho.

Rev Anku said Easter offers an opportunity for Christians to examine their lives, relations and attitudes towards others.

He said to continue life as usual after Easter was to deny Jesus Christ and to treat Easter as fanfare rather than a period for serious introspection and discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Rev Anku said when Christians continue to report to work late, malinger and close ahead of the official closing time, when they persist in cheating others, quarrel and refuse to talk to others, envy and do all things the associated with evil then they would be making mockery of Easter.

He said Christians hope for qualitative changes in their lives and the society would be impossible unless, those changes took their roots from their inner beings as enjoined by the transformational message of Easter.


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