The Minister of Health, Dr. Kwaku Agyemang Many, has referred the purchase of some 30 ambulances estimated at $2.4 million, under the John Mahama administration as undocumented, and thus, heading to the EOCO for further investigations into the matter.

Addressing the media during a tour in some of the health facilities in the greater Accra and Team, the health minister said, during the transition period, they noticed some ambulances were supplied, but the ministry did not accept them because they were described as substandard.

According to him, 30 Ambulances procured by the Ministry of Health in 2016, did not meet specified standard, thereby, compelling the ministry to suspend the purchase and distribution of the ambulances to the government hospitals.

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He said, the Ministry of Health in fees months on noted that, the ambulances had been paid for. “So I wrote to the Ministry of Finance and they said that, they had paid for the Ministry of Health, but the Ministry of Health installation doesn’t show any payment, and we kept on getting information that the ambulances had been paid for.

Nonetheless, the company contracted to supply the ambulances, Big Sea, doesn’t have documentation indicating payment for the ambulances.

I have directed one of my deputy ministers to crosscheck with the Bank of Ghana to see if the details of the payment could be ascertained.”

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“At this stage, I don’t have any option but to refer it to authorities that can do further and better investigations away from the ministry.” the minister stressed.

“The search we have done so far from the Ministry of Finance indicates that these vehicles were not procured from any loan facility arrangement so it was like we paid from the consolidated account and that is where we are, So far as they refused to accept the vehicles, that means nobody should have paid to the vendor or the supplier so we want to find out who they paid the money too.”

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He said he was shocked at the sight of the so called ambulances, and how a decision was made by a public officer to pay for vehicles like those. The ambulances which he described as “sprinter buses fitted with kitchen cabinets” are currently parked at the military naval basebase at Burma -Camp Accra.

By:Sammy Adjei/


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