Are you wish to put any DVD into your drive and click one button to make a DVD clone fully identical to a source DVD? I believe that Clone DVD quickly with perfect quality is what all of you may expect from a DVD cloner.
Here, I would like to tell you that 3herosoft DVD Cloner for Mac can make our dreams realized.

3herosoft DVD Cloner for Mac is especially designed for Mac OS users. With it, you can not only copy DVD to DVD, but also be able to clone DVD directly to hard disk. In addition, Clone DVD to hard disk is good for back-up since it’s more durable, handy and convenient in use. In this way, it is unnecessary to search DVD from a collection of physical DVDs when you need it, just watch our DVD copy directly from the PC.
Moreover, you can burn it back to a DVD whenever you want.

DVD clone is stored to hard drive as DVD folder or ISO image. Therefore, you need such DVD copy on our drive.

When cloning DVD, you may regard that whether it harm the quality of DVD or not. But this app guarantees that your DVD copy completely replaces a source DVD, no video quality or sound quality reduction. This is because the cloner engine does not compress, modify or re-encode the DVD data; instead, it uses byte-to-byte copying of both DVD data and structure.

Here I will show you the guide to make a copy of DVD movie on Mac.

Step1: Insert DVD movie disc
First you should download and run 3herosoft DVD Cloner for Mac. Then insert DVD disk to the DVD drive. It will auto-detect all drives on your computer and show the information in the “Source” combo box and “Destination” combo box.

Step2: Specify destination
Next specify DVD movie output mode by selecting from the “Target ComboBox”, specify target drive in “Destination” combo box. Then it will pop up a message box reminding you to select target disc type. There are three options (D5, D9, Custom) to select.

Step3: Copy DVD to Temporary File Folder
In this step, 3herosoft DVD Cloner for Mac will copy the source DVD to your Mac computer temporary file folder. When copying, it will display the copying progress in main interface.

Step4: Copy to the “Destination”
After the source DVD is copied to temporary file folder in your hard disk, it will begin to copy the temporary file to your target blank DVD on Mac.

Step5: Complete copying
Once copying completed, 3herosoft DVD Cloner for Mac will pop up a message box showing copy information including “Source”, “Destination”, “Copy mode”, “Compress ratio” and “Time”.

Make it! Is it wonderful? You have possessed the same movie DVD just by this app and take 5 minutes. So why are you waiting for, just download it right away and enjoy your digital entertainment life.

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