Looking for a romantic getaway? Well! Rich cultural effervescence, therapeutic touch of Spa and Ayurveda, rows of endless backwaters, collection of exotic beaches, flourishing green hill stations of Kerala tourism offers an ideal romantic getaway to the honeymooners. When it comes to spending some time together in the scenic beauty of nature, Kerala tops the list. Also, there are numerous outstanding monuments, forts, beaches, temples and historical places in Kerala that can add special charm to your romantic holiday. However, backwaters are one of the main reasons drawing thousands of tourists towards the spectacular countryside of Kerala.

The backwaters in Kerala let honeymooners explore the marvelous natural beauty of the state. Further, these backwaters allow the visitors to relax and enjoy the soothing surroundings of Kerala.

The meandering tracks of the Kerala backwater tours take you to the world of serenity and wonderments and bestow you with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your holiday in a memorable way. Couples simply love to catch the compelling charm of serene and scenic backwaters on the lavish houseboats of the state. These houseboats are well furnished with the best of the modern and luxurious amenities. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kozhikode, Kottayam, Thiruvallam are some of the popular backwater destinations that you can visit while your Kerala tours.

The pristine beaches of Kerala are the perfect blend of scenic panorama, coconut palm trees, striking sand and azure sea. Moreover, this beautiful beach town also presents newlyweds a mind-boggling setting and pleasant ambience for a memorable experience.

Also, these beaches are known for their adventurous water sports activities like canoeing, catamaran sailing, diving, jet skis, kayaking, paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving, etc. Besides being famous for presenting a lovely environment, Kerala beaches are also known for their luxurious resorts and lavish spa centers. A sitting in the comfy spa centers of Kerala revitalize your mind, body and soul.

However, if you are a nature lover and want to spend your honeymoon in a delightful manner amidst natural bliss, then you can visit gripping hill stations in Kerala. The hills in Kerala are a perfect combination of nature, beauty and wildlife. Offering an impressive view of bountiful nature, Kerala hills are an ideal getaway from the hectic city life. Further, most enchanting hill station to visit in Kerala is Munnar, known for its scenic beauty and tea plantations. Enigmatic and romantic ambience of Munnar makes it a perfect place for newlyweds. Other highlights of this beautiful hill station are trekking, mountaineering, adventure camps, etc.

Well! Kerala is greatly bestowed with Mother Nature. All those looking for a romantic getaway can head towards this blissful state, availing Kerala Tours

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