Data administrators in today’s competitive E-business world are expected to do more with fewer resources, meet the stringent regulatory requirements and provide fast access to the diverse data types; all of these in a cost effective manner. Business continuity can’t be ensured without installation of a backup system. Data is not safe because its integrity can be affected by software bugs and viruses, and backup system is the perfect solution for fixing this problem. Backup storage needs of SMBs have also increased rapidly. Majority of the small & medium businesses have constrained financial resources and data-center space. No other backup tape solution in SMB segment can beat the performance, cost effectiveness and compactness of Sony’s AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) turbo solution. It is the extended version of AIT format that has established high security standards and outperformed other midrange backup technologies.

Sony has launched scalable versions of AIT turbo that provide connectivity to the advanced computing systems and facilitate the users to reduce infrastructure complexity.

Sony AIT2 turbo system performs excellently in small computing environments and caters the needs of various financial organizations and mid-sized data centers. AIT2 turbo drives have been carefully engineered and robustly designed to withstand repeated media load/unload cycles. Good news is that they are available in different models, thus providing a perfect drive unit for your backup environment. ATAPI (IDE) and SCSI LVD/SE interfaces are available in these drive models. Their compression functionality also delivers a remarkable performance with an enhanced capability of 2.6:1.

Sony AIT2 turbo tape has been precision engineered for fast, efficient data storage and longer working life.

Manufacturer part number of this well-renowned tape is TAIT2-80C. Capacity of AIT-2 turbo tape is really exceptional, as it is the smallest cartridge featuring 80GB uncompressed capacity. Companies with limited space for media storage, and slim I.T staff are turning to this compact tape solution that overcomes the demanding backup challenges at a low total ownership cost. These multiple AIT2 turbo drive units simply your IT environment and support the fast speed of today’s commercial applications. AIT2 turbo drives accelerate backup performance and maintain a blistering 43.2GB/hr uncompressed speed.

Migration from previous AIT generations won’t be expensive, because AIT2 turbo system allows customers to write and restore files from its predecessors. AIT2 turbo drives enhance storage value with their ability to record/extract information from AIT1 turbo, AIT2 & AIT 1 tape cartridges.

Sony designed the AIT tapes to provide safe off-site media storage, while improving the performance with their innovative AME media formulation. AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) is a breakthrough technology that increases data integrity and smoothness of tape reel. So the drives can quickly restore data files and their working life also exceeds its rivals. A single AIT2 turbo tape features an unparalleled durability of 30000 passes. The drives quickly load the media and provide average data access time of 43 to 48 seconds. Sony AIT 2 turbo is the right system for the complex IT centers and the demands for achieving higher return on investments.

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