Asa 3To the best of my knowledge people who are deployed to fabricate lies against Gov. Willie Obiano are truly number one, in fact they are the real enemies of Anambra state. I have no doubt about that because it’s out of greed and selfish interest that they envy the Governor. So, they now resort to throwing muds without caution, in order to further create confusion.

For very long time ago I made a resolve not to respond to any frivolous comments that only seeks to fight, castigate and insult those in authority. But a times, it appalls a discernible mind the extent at which these overzealous ‘agberos’ can go not just to rubbish the Governor but to derail his ideology which is a step ahead of others.


The ongoing good works in every sector of the state name it:

1] Road network construction;

2] Adequate Security;

3] Mechanized Agricultural programmes;

4] Standard Educational initiative

5] Full Scale Industrialization, etc.

All these and many more laudable projects are currently being put in place in the state. But it’s unfortunate that these detractors are only organized to tell ?big heaps? of lies to defame and possibly derail the existing peaceful coexistence in the system.

Now, in this era of consolidation by APGA administration in the state, Ndi Anambra can at-least be proud of our Governor, an action man that steers the vessel as a well-informed leader.

His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano is no doubt a quintessential Governor. This’s a man who has within his shortest stay in the Government House proved himself as a worthy and capable hand through an obvious quick-to-action display of good governance. Even ‘Umu Anambra’ both at home and in diaspora have always marveled at the performance he has recorded so far. Majority have felt and still feels the impact of this seasoned manager of men and resources in one way or the other. Better still works are ongoing under a most prudent principle.

Ndi Anambra, it’s hightime you rooted out your enemies. Those gold diggers some of them are criminals in disguise who pretend to appear as good ones. They now feel disappointed because our Governor have closed barely all the channels through which they use to exploit and syphon the state resources, to the detriment of poor masses. That’s the major reason behind their incessant and unwarranted agitation.

My piece of advice is that all concerned well meaningful individuals should ignore and reject the entire campaign of calumny being targeted against our beloved Governor, Chief Willie Obiano [Akpokuedike].

Do not allow the wishes of these enemy of progress to prevail. I therefore enjoin all to pray hard that ‘No weapon fashioned against him, Gov. Obiano shall prosper’. Amen

Thank you as you comply. …….Willie Is Working…….

Comrade Ben Umeh ([email protected]) writes from Accra, Ghana


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