Windows 7 is endowed with several visual effects owing to the use of Aero. Such effects not only add quite a stylish impact on the Windows 7 interface but are also quite useful. Though quite effective, yet they are quite heavy on the resources of the computer. Aero is enabled considering the system contents and hence not enabled by default. Let’s have a vivid idea on the various Aero effects available:

Aero Peek  

Its impact is a combo of two relevant effects and one among which directs to a full size Thumbnail preview of the respective windows. The other significant effect of Aero Peek is that, it impacts on open windows making it transparent and also the below desktop gets displayed.

Aero Shake

This effect impacts by a single click that shakes a window and all other open windows get minimized.

Just click to shake the open window again and the minimized windows get restored.

Aero Snap

Through this effect you can easily view two windows side by side just by dragging a window to the left or right side of the screen and it get it landed on the respective half. The screen maximizes just by dragging a window to the top of the screen.

Aero Flip

This effect acts in a 3D mode and enables you to flip through all open windows.

It can be operated only through keyboard shortcuts.
At times you may find some Aero Effects failing to work on your computer. There is reason to it. Aero effects in Windows 7 get automatically altered owing to its Windows Experience Index. On a scale of 1.0 to 7.9 the Windows Experience index analyzes and marks the main system components comprising of processor, memory, graphics, gaming graphics, and primary hard disk. The analysis measures according to the parameter set which says that the base score equals the lowest subscore. Then finally the subscore for the graphics performance of your computer are used to decide upon which Windows Aero effects to be supported. There are certain techniques to customize the Windows 7 to be enabled with the Aero effects. Your process can be more effectively and quickly implemented lest you avail the online technical support over phone or mail.

The Aero effects doesn’t enable even due to various other computer related issues which may be difficult to fix. The effective technical help  from able technicians can get your Aero effects enabled and also guide you the best way to access the effects. Any issues encountered with Aero in Windows 7, the tech experts run a troubleshooter that automatically detects and fixes the respective problems. Just make call to the online tech support providers and within moments you will be offered with supreme tech support at the convenience of your home. The support is provided remotely and one can avail it not only via phone but also through emails and Live chat sessions. So what are you waiting for? Just call tech experts and get your Windows 7 enabled with the various Aero effects.

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