Last Sunday was the AY show, as you probably know, the event was sponsored by Maltina. So Maltina decided to give 10 lucky guests Iphone 6. Lo and behold, actress Toyin Aimakhu and Empress Njama also joined the crowd to hustle for the Iphone. They walked to the stage to join the crowd to scramble for the Iphone. Yes they eventually got it.

Some people found it a bit annoying and distasteful because they are celebrities and they obviously did not spend money to buy any ticket, it was given to them by AY. So the annoyance was; why not allow those who spent money on the tickets to get the Iphone?

It was comedian, I Go Die that really bore his mind on the situation. Though he said it jokingly, the two definitely felt the sting.

I go die who was the one that presented the Iphone to them tongue lashed them for behaving like beggars despite their wealth and fame.

The comedian who spoke aloud in pidgin English mocked the two Nollywood divas for going ahead to scramble with fans for the giveaway prize. ?Una no get shame,? he said funnily.


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