The INSETA National Skills Development Broker Network (INSETA Network) recently launched their Employment Opportunities Portal aimed at interns who have not been permanently placed with employers as well as other unemployed workers in the insurance industry.

Sandra Dunn: Chief Executive Officer of INSETA
Sandra Dunn: Chief Executive Officer of INSETA

?We would like to assist both the employers looking for suitable candidates and people searching for jobs in the industry,? says Sandra Dun, INSETA CEO.

?Through the portal we hope to assist small brokers with their recruitment process and contribute to a lot more unemployed workers in the industry finding employment faster. We have dozens of interns on our records who once they have completed their internships and learnerships, have not been able to find suitable employment yet,? explains Dunn.

?There are also hundreds of more experienced workers in the industry such as FAIS accredited professionals and support staff, who are currently unemployed. At the same time, there are many small brokers who find it difficult to obtain information about potential employees that are available to fill vacancies. Our portal will no doubt help to connect people looking for jobs in the industry and small businesses wanting to recruit suitable staff.?

Through the portal, INSETA hopes to reduce the cost for small independent brokers to obtain information about suitable candidates in the industry looking for work. The INSETA Network does not charge its members for any candidates listed on the portal that are successfully placed and neither does it charge a membership fee.

The portal is only available for unemployed candidates seeking employment in the insurance industry and only the members of the INSETA Network can view the candidates? profiles that are uploaded onto the portal.

?The portal will not accept profiles from candidates that are already employed in the industry, but who wish to change their jobs,? stresses Dunn.

Candidates do not need to be members of the INSETA Network and there is no cost for them to upload their profiles.

The portal?s web address is? can be accessed via the home page.

The INSETA Network is just over a year old and has about 2 000 members already. Its purpose is to support small and micro independent brokers by making access to INSETA?s skills development programmes easier.

Dunn says that she is very excited about the portal and looks forward to report positive results in the near future. ?I?m sure that the Portal will have a solid take-up since we know that it will positively impact our small brokers and make a difference to many unemployed workers in the industry.?


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