The abled vice chancellor said, ” if I had the opportunity to be a student for KNUST now I would vote for Emmanuella, not because of her sex, but the charismatic type she is. She displays sense of passion and integrity with morals and this time KNUST will benefit from her intellect. “

Emmanuela Elikplim and Prof. Otoo Ellis
Emmanuela Elikplim and Prof. Otoo Ellis

Mr. Ellis made a funny comment that other aspirants are building castles in the air and creating fantasies about policies that seems so abnormal. “it’s all good, they are all part of politics, but this time I want to see my people, KNUST STUDENTS to show how mature they are, and how matured their decisions would be. ”

Asking him about her thought about the chances of winning in favour of Emmanuella, Prof. Ellis said ” I believe in KNUST, in as much as she being a lady will hinder her small, competence will make her win. ” “Don’t forget if half of the ladies vote for her, it’s a done deal for her, elections is about numbers.” he added.

KNUST goes to polls this Thursday, 31st March, 2016 and we looking forward to seeing the change.

Source: Campusnet KNUST


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