Emma Willis
Emma Willis

‘Big Brother’ host Emma Willis thoughts her husband Matt Willis was going to end their relationship minutes before he proposed to her in Italy.


The ‘Big Brother’ host was terrified the former Busted singer was going to end their relationship while the couple were holidaying in Venice, Italy, five years ago but she was reduced to tears of happiness when he popped the question.Speaking to Bella magazine, she said: “It was amazing. Matt had taken me away for the weekend and we were in Venice and it was really beautiful, but he went all weird one evening and I thought he was going to finish with me.

“He wasn’t talking and it was really odd … He kept saying: ‘Let’s go for a walk,’ but Matt doesn’t like sightseeing and I suddenly twigged what was going on.

“He took the ring out of the box, but it had fallen out of the little cushion. Then he went to go down on one knee and I grabbed him and said, ‘Don’t you dare.’ He was like, ‘What?! Oh God – will you marry me?’ and I was like, ‘Yes!’ Then I cried and loads of people were looking.”

While Emma was embarrassed by her tears, she “loved” the proposal’s lack of romance because it summed up the couple’s relationship.

She said: “I loved that the ring fell out of the cushion and that I wouldn’t let him get down on one knee and that he stumbled and that I panicked – that’s very us!

“I loved the fact that it wasn’t overly romantic and cheesy … I’m not into big cheesy romantic gestures – I think they’re hilarious.

“Candlelit dinners, staring into each other’s eyes with roses and chocolates – I’d rather be at the cinema with a box of popcorn!”


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