Eminem and Caitlyn
Eminem and Caitlyn

The controversial star mocked the transgender icon, formerly Bruce Jenner, claiming her decision took a “lot of balls”

Eminem and Caitlyn
Eminem and Caitlyn
Eminem has decided to mock Caitlyn Jenner in his latest rap, claiming the decision to go public took a “lot of balls”.

The controversial star, real name Marshall Mathers, spat the foul-mouthed freestyle on a radio show on Thursday and also slammed a number of other big names as well as the transgender star.

Em rapped: “Heat seeking missile duck, demented sick see who gives a f***. I invented p**** and this a true statement, I see the b**ch in you, Caitlyn.

“I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s d***. No disrespect though not at all, no pun intended that took a lot of balls.”

The hip hop star, who appeared on US show Sway in the Morning, then took a pop at comedian Bill Cosby, after he was accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women by drugging them.

In the six-minute rap, he rhymed: “How many jello pops could he possibly lace? Walking atrocity no wonder you scoff at me, it’s still obvious I’m as off-putting as Bill Cosby is. Treat women like property.”

And he didn’t stop there, oh no, he also joked about Angelina Jolie, Rita Ora, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, Scarlett Johansson AND rapper Azealia Banks. It seems no-one is safe.

Meanwhile, Caityln continues to be an icon for millions with her new reality show I Am Cait, while Eminem attempts to stay relevant in the music industry.

In one clip from the programme, the 65-year-old star is seen lying in bed and wearing no makeup as she reflects on wanting to help the transgender community.

She confesses: “I feel bad that these [people]?especially young people – are going through such a difficult time in their life.

“We don’t want people dying over this. We don’t want people murdered over this stuff.”

Running her hands through her hair, she continues: “What a responsibility I have towards this community. Am I going to do everything right? Am I going to say the right things? Do I project the right image?

“My mind’s just spinning with thoughts. I just hope I get it right. I hope I get it right.”

Source: mirror.co.uk


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