A former Commissioner for human rights and administrative justice Emile Short, be circumspect in their speech has admonished all stakeholders and perform in the leadership of the general elections of December.

According to Justice short, violence in the media and some hate speeches which seem to be circulating among political quarters are all instruments for violence the need to be shortened or the State gets into chaos as has happened in a number of other African countries.

Warned against genocide, he called that statements that are centered on ethnic and religious feelings can lead to violence, so that people who get the privilege of speaking at larger architectures must be vigilant with the statements they create.

The former boss made his statement at e. CHRAJ tv Ghana’s morning show, Awake Thursday morning.

When stand-in host of the program, Fati Ali Shaibu, asked him if Ghana at the edge of genocide given the verbal attacks and behavior of some politicians in the country is, Emile Short denied that understanding saying “I don’t think we have that much yet, but we have to be careful”.

Emile Short at some point in the interview said that he is enjoying retirement and plays golf and Chess for relaxation.

He also revealed that he is a member of the presidential debate Committee debates for presidential candidates for the general elections in October will organize.

He insisted on corruption in the country, that the State receives an independent body for the fight against corruption, as already mentioned in some circles.

The Department fighting corruption in according to him is not good about CHRAJ resources to cases of corruption in the country.

He believed that the fight against corruption is a monumental that transcends through various stages. Public education on some corrupt practices aside, he mentioned that there is always the need for sufficient research and prosecution and also good legislation.

He asked that the anti-corruption Department of the Commission on human rights and administrative justice be extended, since there are only a dozen people in that Department that is insufficient to combat corruption in the State.

The Executive Director of Ghana integrity initiative, Vitus Azeem of his side, however, said the country has no need for an independent Commission to combat corruption in the State, but rather the anti-corruption Department of CHRAJ must be strengthened in order to fight corruption.

Citizens mentioned in their choice of aside vigilant leaders for the country, Vitus Azeem that civil societies should also help in the fight against corruption in the State.

In 2004, Emile Short leave of his position on the Ad Litem judge to the CHRAJ with the UN Tribunal for Rwanda Crimininal Internationational.

He returned to Ghana to take up his position on the CHRAJ in 2009 and withdrew from the post in December 2010.

For some time now, he is called or an independent Commission for combating corruption in the country since the corruption Department at according to him is under resourced CHRAJ.

Benjamin Agyei-Boateng/happyghana.com


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