Popular Ghanaian actress and screen diva Emelia Brobbey  has disclosed exclusively to flex newspaper she would be launching  a fan club in Agona Swedru and also visit some orphanage homes around the Swedru area in the central region as part of her annual charity work.
According to her, she had plans of launching the fan club in July this year but due to the numerous script she has to work on, she has push the date to somewhere close of the year. ” I have a whole lot of scripts now and it has really make me very busy, moving from one set to the other shooting. Infact from this very set I have to shoot another movie with Yaw Bour Ventures, Pakus, Famous films and a lot of them in that other. But all the same I’m going to launch the club before the year end and I will prompt the media when I’m finally set with a date. I must also say I was very much surprise when I had some people call from Agona Swedru to tell me they were making a fan club in my name. The club is already there as I’m talking to you and I just have to go there and launch it to show my appreciation for the love they have for me and also for their support. Your fans are the lifeblood of your career. Without fans, you don’t have a movie career, you only have a movie hobby. Fans buy your products, watch your movies , give you feedback, and  share you with their friends. They are the people that enable you to become a full-time actress, and live the actress lifestyle. The most loyal of fans will stand by your side through thick and thin, buy all of your swag, and help you in many ways throughout your career and so if the people of Agona are showing me this love, then I really have to embrace it.”she said.
The actress who is at the moment on set with Nyankonton production further noted that the charity work is not anything new she is doing, she has done a couple of them and has made it part of her to be helping the needy ones with the little that she can atleast from what she is making from her movie business and this is something she will be doing annually. She revealed she visited some orphanage homes at Agbogbloshie last year and will be doing the same for some homes in the Agona Swedru before the end of the year. “I won’t say I’m rich but I’m much comfortable with the little that I make or have and once I have that I think I must also share with those that need help” she stated.
Touching on Kumawood and Akoben awards Emalia said she was nominated in four categories last year but didn’t win any award and even though she is hoping to win an award this year, she is not eying it too much because her fans are much more important to her than the awards. “For me , my fans are my awards because they have made me who I am today. My main priority is to satisfy my fans and make them happy all the time, make them learn from the roles I play in my movies and not just winning an award. Award or no award, Emelia Brobbey is still Emelia Brobbey. People say you are very soft and cries easily? No, Emelia is not that soft  as they think, I’m very hard sometimes. I think as an actress I need to be very versatile and must be able to interprate any role I play” she said.
She also revealed she  is making plans to own her own movie production house very soon in the coming years.


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