Kruger Park Safaris represent a different category of safaris from the ones you have experienced or heard of before. These safaris have all the options so that you are actually customizing your own safari. You can pick your tour and your accommodation. You have a say in the kind of transportation you will use as well. You can go on one of these tours as a single person or a couple and you can go in a large group as well. If you like you can be a backpacker while there is exclusive accommodation for someone that wants comfort and luxury together. Cash payment is accepted as well as online payment for the purpose of booking the tour and the accommodation. When you are in South Africa you want to experience the wilderness of nature from close up. These safaris do just that. You will get the real feel of the region when you go on one of these safaris.

There are several kinds of Kruger National Park tours.

You can go on the Leopard Crawl Tour that is a two days and one night tour or the Elephant Trumpets Tour that is spread over three days and two nights. You can also go on the Lion King Tour for those that prefer life’s comforts and can pay for the luxury. This takes two nights and three days.

There is also the 8 days Bush, Beach 3 Countries Tour that is a special kind of Kruger Park tour. In this tour the first day takes you to the Small Drakensberg Mountain Range, the world’s third largest and the only canyon that is still growing. You will arrive at the Kruger National Park in the late afternoon. The evening is spent on a game drive. The second day you will probably get to see most of the 140 species of mammals including the Big Five as you make your way to the Lower Sabie Camp.

The third day will find you in Mozambique’s coastal town of Bilene where you will enjoy dinner while drinking in the beauty of the beach, sea and the sunset. You can sunbathe, snorkel or visit the locals on the fourth day and then head for Maputo. The remaining days will be spent in the Portuguese restaurants of Mozambique, seafood, nights in local jazz clubs and the beautiful hills and greenery of Swaziland where you will visit the Sonzela Game Park.

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