Hmmm when i read that scrap from Elomba ,i thought he was trying to get mad at Gov Obi for “AKA GUMISM” ,then i think maybe he wanted to play a hatchet guy so that he will get in good with OBIANO ,BUT i put on my investigative hat ,,i saw ?hands of APC governors paying ?EMEKA ETIABA to do some mudslinging ?for them ,then i pried further and discovered that the trepidation is that ,,IF NOBODY SHOULD THROW HEAVY MUD ON THAT BUSINESS MAN -GOVERNOR ,it will be so hard for any Governor to say that his state has no money to govern.
Those that took serious loan ,say like LAGOS state whose IGR in a Month is higher than all the IGR and monthly of ALLOCATION of the entire South east states.So the Governors simply have to explain how on this earth did they put Lagos into the Debt of over 400 billion Naira without anything to show for it.When Governor Obi left a vibrant legacy on a state that was known for being the most troubled.
They will try very hard to tell the state how Okwute with no OIL PRODUCING EXTRA was able to construct the best Road networks in the entire state,leave over 75 BILLION NAIRA INVESTMENTS,OVER 11.6 BILLION IN CASH ,,give Billion and billions to schools,Hospitals,Vigilante,Igwes ,students and still the state is not owing any bank or person ,,also ANAMBRA STATE under Okwute bought Bond from all the states in Nigeria which means ,we own part of every state in Nigeria.
So that must be the reason they looked round ,shopped around and saw a willing candidate in Emeka Etiaba the son of Deputy Governor of Anambra state ,Lady Virgy Etiaba.Then i calculated again and discover that Elomba may have played NNEWI SOLIDARITY CARD plus the Money must be good for him to struggle to over take UKPAKAREPORTERS on this type of ?CHILDISH news.
Anyway Danoo should know that ugbana ka etere unyi na aru ,ugbana makaria nma karia etu osiburu welu maa.
Mazi Odera


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