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In the wee hours of the morning today, the Ghanaian hunk decided to  go and have a bath in the bath  tab just like he used to do with Fatima. This was when all the rest of the housemates had already found their beds but while the young lad was having a great bath, he had a little conversation with the magical fish.

It?s actually proving to be a very common surprise to housemates who go to the bathroom for quick showers in the morning that they always ed up having a talk with this fish. As Elikem sat in the bath tab, Biggie?s fish started talking to him and as a matter of fact, he didn?t get scared but rather just began asking the fish questions. ?The fact that you?re a magical fish, is Africa really voting for me,? Elikem asked his new friend.

The way he reacted to the talking fish is just opposite to the way fellow country mate Selly reacted to the fish. Selly actually amused most of the Big Brother Africa fans. The two new friends opened up to each other about a lot of things in this meant that Pokello?s Eviction last Sunday left the sexy Ghanaian lonely and without a close friend to open to.

Biggie?s fish then asked Elikem to make a statue for them using toilet paper, and that the statue will be kept close to the aquarium. The fish went a head and explained to Elikem that they ?the fish are bored and that they needed something to look at. He then promised to fulfill the fish?s request.

Annabel, Elikem and Sulu are up for possible eviction this week. Please vote for your favourite housemate to keep them in the Game.

By – blessedDT.


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