The best electronic cigarette must possess the feature of good cartridge life otherwise good vapor density cannot be achieved by the user. Cartridge is one of the main parts of these cigarettes which are more like a chamber filled with the e-liquid solution. The e-liquid is composed of propylene glycol, chosen flavor and the nicotine in given strength. Only these three components are present in these cigarettes but in real cigarettes for up to four hundred components are present with possible health risks of lungs cancer, heart stroke, respiratory issues etc. W hen the user gives the smoking signal, atomizer starts heating the liquid present inside the cartridge. This liquid converts into vapors which is inhaled and exhaled into the surrounding environment. What must be considered while making a purchase of these cigarettes? Cartridge is one of the foremost features that need to be considered while having their kits. Usually, four to five filled cartridges are present inside the starter kits. They are filled with different chosen flavors. In advanced and complete kits, there is more number of cartridges.  Also, good life of cartridge is dependent on atomizers performance as well. The user is required to have good quality atomizer otherwise the life of cartridge may get affected.  Electronic cigarette review highlighted the fact that cartridge life is also linked with the quality performance of the battery. If the battery is not working accordingly, the cartridge may not be able to deliver same taste as by real cigarettes.  Look out for the batteries inside the starter kit as two rechargeable batteries must be present inside the kit. Along with battery, atomizer must be in good health which means provides proper heating to the liquid present inside the cartridge. Try to avoid the over loading factor while filling the e-liquid solution in the chamber of cartridge. The reason is that the liquid floods out and may get accumulated in the connection points. How much nicotine is present inside cartridge? It is one of the most frequently asked questions in electronic cigarette review. It depends on the concentration you chose it ranges from small, average to high. Some brands or companies offer the user’s flexibility which means the user can adjust the nicotine strengths by his own. Nicotine in solution form is also sold separately which ease the user to set the concentration the way he wants. Cleaning cartridge helps in avoiding the factor of germs and bacteria that may produce inside the chamber.  Also, after the refilling of the cartridge gets to an end its better to replace it in order to avoid inhaling germs. Along with the cleaning, the user must be vigilant about the working of components as you need to replace them after they get out of order. If battery or atomizer is not functioning properly then they need to be replaced so that better vapor density can be attained. There are different types and models of the cartridges like the cigarettes but on the whole they serve the same cause which is to hold the e-liquid and to deliver the smoking signal.

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