Electricity is very important in modern society. People have become accustomed to the use of electrical appliances, like the hot weather, fans, air conditioning, electrical equipment, I am afraid people will crazy, due to China’s vast population. power consumption is also relatively large, particularly for industrial use of electricity, huge energy consumption, power plant development is being closely watched, but simply the development of power industry is not feasible, the environmental pollution caused by power plant emissions, so that people very worried about today’s power plants use limestone mill desulfurization, sulfur dioxide emissions from the out, to avoid the pollution of the environment.
Although, the use of flue gas desulfurization process in the world, a total of more than 200 kinds, but after decades of uninterrupted exploration and practice, only more than 10 kinds of the applications in the thermal power plant desulfurization process, whether the recovery of desulfurization products, tobacco gas desulfurization can be divided into abandoned law and regeneration Recovery Act, the former desulfurization mixture direct emissions, which will make products to sulfuric acid or sulfur, and other forms of recycling.

Wet and dry form of desulfurization products, flue gas desulfurization can be divided into wet, semidry and dry process. One of the most important one is limestone – gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization. Limestone – gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization is the most widely used as a desulfurization technology, the principle is the adoption of desulfurization mill ground into powder, limestone, and limestone made of slurry as a desulfurization absorbent, and the absorber flue gas contact with the mixed flue gas sulfur dioxide and calcium carbonate in the slurry, and air to enter the chemical reaction, ultimately producing gypsum, sulfur dioxide from the flue gas out and avoid the environmental pollution caused by a large number of emission.
The entire flue gas desulfurization system consists of the following components, namely: the flue gas system, absorber system, limestone slurry preparation system, gypsum dewatering system and so on. The main role of the limestone slurry preparation system for flue gas desulfurization equipment preparation absorbent slurry, the transport of bulk car will be the desulfurization mill ground limestone powder to the pump input limestone silo, and then into the slurry tank, inside the process water in the mixing The role of the blend slurry. The main role of the desulfurization mill is the large piece of limestone ground into a powder and then into the limestone slurry preparation system. Depending on the preparation process, the user can select different configurations of the mill.

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