Well amidst Dumsor Dumsor crisis in the country at the moment, it is surprising that a lot are, in fact, we are still silent about this disease killing our economical movements.

Truth be told, Dumsor Dumsor has been going on even before most of us were born but this time, it is getting so hard to tackle.

In a country where we used to enjoy electricity for 24 hours in two days, which later on reduced to 12 hours in two days – very bad for our business signals, now you are even so damn lucky to enjoy electricity for 6 hours in 7 days.

Yes this is how bad the economy is becoming.

As at now, i have no electricity for getting to 4 days and its like i need to accept and get familiar with it because i am not the first and wont be the last victim to Dumsor Dumsor.

Well, popularly known on Facebook, Standby Walahi seems to be one of the few concerned Ghanaians who cant be silent on ECG.

Standby Walahi?got so mad at ECG when they took off his light to the extent of sending them notifications, attacking them and visiting them spiritually in this short video he recorded holding his pre-paid meter.

Watch the video and give us your feed back, Dumsor Dumsor is killing our works…


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