The Electoral Commission has released some election results in the Greater Accra Region including the following:
For the Presidential results in Ningo Prampram;.National Democratic Congress (NDC) had 28,490 votes, Great Consolidated People?s Party (GCPP); 137 votes, New Patriotic Party (NPP); 9,581 votes, and People?s Popular Party (PPP), 161 votes. The rest are the United Front Party(UFP); 41 votes, Peoples National Convention(PNC); 100 votes, Convention Peoples? Party(CPP); 100 votes and Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah, independent candidate ; 45 votes.
For the Parliamentary results, Mr Enoch Teye Mensah of NDC had 21,178 votes, Mr Sylvester Tetteh; NPP, 17,122 votes, Mr Casmire Nii Okai Mensah; PPP, 447 votes and Mr Fredrick Marmah Martey, CPP, had 429 votes.
At Dade Kotopon, the Presidential results were; NDC, 52,691 votes, GCPP ; 66 votes, NPP; 35,242, PPP; 453 votes, UFP; 15 votes, PNC; 33 votes, CPP; 139 votes, and 20 votes for the independent candidate.
In the Parliamentary results, Nii Amasa Namoale of the NDC; had 50,016 votes, Nii Odoi Glover of NPP, 34,533 votes and Simon Sowah of PPP 1,868 votes.
The rest are Mr Torto Obodai Nabi Ajar of the CPP; 1,339 votes and Mr Eric Kodi, Independent.candidate; 134 votes. At Korle Klotey the Presidential results were as follows: NDC ; 38,928, GCPP ; 48, NPP; 44,928, PPP ; 361, and UFP, 6. The rest are PNC; 29, CPP; 114, and the Independent candidate, 8.
For the Parliamentary results, Nii Armah Ashitey of the NDC had 36,122 votes, Nii Adjei Tawiah of the NPP; 34,847, and Chris Bonarpate of the CPP, 1,151 votes.
The rest are Carboo Okai-David of the PPP; 408 votes, Charles Nii Otu Okunor of the NDP; 198 votes, Godwin Opare Addo-Independent candidate; 327 and Leeford Kpakpo Quarshie, an independent candidate, 1354 votes.
The Ashiedu Keteke Constituency had the Presidential results as follows: NDC; 45,555, GCPP; 73, NPP; 27,047, and PPP, 256. The rest are UFP; 12 votes, PNC; 20 votes, CPP; 45 votes and Mr Osei Yeboah, the Independent candidate, seven votes.
For the Parliamentary results, Mr Edwin Nii Lantey Vanderpuye of NDC had 45,967 votes, Victor Nii Okai Quaye of NPP; 26,269 votes, and Mr Emmanuel Nii Aku Addoye of the PPP ; 745 votes.
The Presidential results at Sege were: NDC; 18,652, GCPP; 101, NPP; 5,375, and PPP, 167. The rest are UFP; 28, PNC; 51, CPP; 86 and the Independent candidate, 30 votes.
For the Parliamentary results, Mr Otu Teye Christian Corletey of NDC had 13,792, Mr Agorhom Divine Otio of NPP; 10,673, and Mr John Tetteh Kitcher of the PPP, 179 votes.
The rest are Mr Johannes Nmonlotey Tirkfield of CPP, 59 votes and Mr Tetteh Frank Korblah of the NDP, 34 votes.



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