Yesterday?s Presidential and Parliamentary elections came to a halt around five o?clock in the evening. And even though there were reports of misunderstandings, scuffles and pockets of violence at certain polling stations and in some towns, the elections generally came to a successful end. Thanks be to God!
Right now, counting of the votes that were cast yesterday continues unabated, and by the evening of today, several aspiring parliamentarians must have seen their fate ? whether they won in their constituencies or failed in their various bids to obtain electoral power to represent their constituencies in Parliament. But what is of utmost concern to most Ghanaians is the outcome of the presidential elections ? who among the eight presidential aspirants must have obtained the greatest number of votes to be deservedly declared the utmost winner, and ultimately, the President of Ghana! Of this piece of news, all the electorate are expectant, some with thumping hearts over whether their choices will cross the rubicon to be declared the ?President?. As the clock tick-tocks on, and the counting and collation continue with all seriousness, there is much anticipation over who becomes the President, and people are glued to their radio boxes or television sets or waiting for newsy calls on their mobile phones to hear who is leading in the counting and who is about to be declared the ?President of Ghana?!
But to me, such an expectation can be vacuous ? really very hollow, since it is my contention that there will be no clear winner ? a candidate with over 50 per cent votes. Last week, I made an intellectual argument in respect of it, and concluded that there will be a re-run or a second-round of the Presidential elections. Even though I did not employ some figures in my analysis, there was much force in my argumentation to sufficiently impress on the reading mind that another Presidential elections will be re-run to tilt the result to favour either President John Dramani Mahama or Nana Akuffo Addo as the ultimate winner. Of course, such logical deductions as could be found in my contentions last week, were premised on some solid facts gleaned from recent and past occurrences.

However, I intentionally refused to orchestrate some spiritual or prophetic facts that should have reinforced my argumentation to the effect that there is going to be a re-run of the December 7, 2012 elections. A few weeks ago, I made references to a vision of mine which occurred on September 13, 2012 on the last day of my three days? dry fasting.
Whilst from spiritual and ethical point of view, I cannot divulge all that I saw in my vision, until our President is elected and declared so with a finality, what I can say now is that in the vision, I found myself in a chamber-and-a-hall apartment. Into the chamber, a certain man I know breezed and declared hurriedly the result to his party executives and elders that that party had won, and there were happy shouts and jubilations, and in the HALL, some women came dancing in one long file around and around declaring victory of their party which they mentioned. The women were dressed in white cloths, with pure white bands tied to their waists, and white Talcum powder dusted around their necks.
And with songs of victory some of which praised the Lord, they jumped and danced very happily, and finally they exited, bidding me goodbye.
My interpretation of the chamber-and-a-hall (or the two rooms) apartment is that there are going to be two rounds of the Presidential polls, and that the winner has already been chosen by the Lord. Some time ago, I wrote that since the Presidential winner has been chosen by the Lord, nothing can change the spiritual choice and therefore the electoral result is already sanctioned by the Lord.
The whole result is going to be a BIG SURPRISE to some people and will confound those who judge or conclude from worldly or physical signs. But it must be reemphasized here that the person who is to be the President is divinely selected and God has his own reasons for choosing him. We must be careful of our reactions to God?s choice. If my ?second-round? prediction comes true (and I believe it will happen), then the President I saw in my vision is the one who is coming to rule Ghana for the next four or even eight years. As I have already written, I won?t mention his name now, but it will be either President Mahama or Nana-Akufo Addo.
For some reasons, I decline to mention the name, and I have written two names to protect the identity of that spiritually chosen President. At any rate, that President will need to be solidly protected.
If I like, I may contact him personally to tell him of the Lord?s grace to him, or I may disclose that in my upcoming article (depending upon certain circumstances).
Fortunately for me, there are two prophets who share my ?SECOND-ROUND? VISION.
The first is the head of the Heaven Moment International Church Accra, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, who has also ?predicted that Friday?s Presidential election will go into a second round?, the reason being that ?no party will get the required percentage to win the election that will go into a second round?. He also refuses to name the person who will eventually win.
It is interesting to say that Prophet Badu is almost on the same ?spiritual wave length? with me. The second is the world-acclaimed Prophet T.B. Joshua, who also predicts that the Presidential elections will go two rounds. He also refused to mention who is to be the winner. Yet he knows the person, as I also know and Prophet Kobi knows. So far, all the three of us are predicting in the same manner.

On the contrary, are some prophets who predict that there will be no second round, meaning that yesterday?s polls will clearly determine who our next President will be.
That means that in their own spiritual estimation, between today and Monday or at most Tuesday or Wednesday, Ghana?s President will be known. From the Daily Guide of December 5, 2012, (page 10), there was a prophecy from Prophet Bismark Opesah Otoo, President of Jesus Delivery Ministries that ?Nana Akufo-Addo, flagbearer of the Opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is ordained by God to become the next President of Ghana?.(he) will secure a ONE-TOUCH resounding victory by obtaining not less than 52% of the total votes?. Of course there is a prophetic aberration here ? the argument that 52% victory is a resounding triumph. It is never so. It a slim victory! But I won?t argue his ?one-touch? explanation, or his naming of the President or his 52% figure. We are watching whether all will come true.
Then Prophet Owusu Bempah, possibly well-known in some Ghanaian circles, contended on Adom-FM a few days ago.that Nana Akufo-Addo was going to win ?one-touch?. But Prophet Bempah erred very badly when he mentioned that the Electoral Commissioner has nursed the intention of rigging the elections in favour of President Mahama, and he himself has gone to the Electoral Commission to warn him of that. Of course, this is a silly remark a so-called prophet can utter. If he has personally issued a warning to the Electoral Commissioner, why couldn?t he contain it in his head, but simply go to brag about it publicly on the radio? Doesn?t he know that he has put the Electoral Commissioner in danger of being attacked if his prophecy doesn?t come true? I shall come back to this point later. Meanwhile, another ?ONE-TOUCH? prophet by name Hope Avorgah (page 10 of the December 5, 2012 Daily Guide) also predicts ONE-TOUCH win, but he refuses to mention the name of the winner.
So, reader, its? now a who-is-who affair ? and within three days, we shall see who are predicting correctly and who are prophesying falsely.
By Apostle Kwamena Ahinful


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