Ask any person who used to listen to the ?Sankofa Dwumadi? ?{Go-back ?to-the-root} programme of the Radio Universe which was being relayed on Sunday July 15, 2008 {and similar programmes thereafter}, and he or she will tell you that he or she heard the then candidate Professor John Atta Mils being prophetically mentioned or touted as the sure winner in the Presidential race. And this came true! Who prophesied that? Yes, Prophet Arko Williams of the Church of Sychar at Adenta in Accra, a location very near to Villa Farms at Oyarefa Container.

This Prophet has candidly confirmed that civil war will come to the nation, all in respect of the elections, and it?s only prayers and regular advice to our politicians that the war will be averted by the Lord. He admonishes individuals, families and churches and mosques to humbly pray and beg God to halt this upcoming danger. Otherwise it will come to kill several people, destroy businesses, property and various communities.

?Only true and fervent prayers and sometimes fastings will make God act to do away with this danger coming to Ghanaians?, he reiterated. It was this same Prophet Arko Williams who predicted the Liberian civil war one full year before it happened. It was this same prophet who proclaimed on the same Radio Universe the Cote d?Ivoire civil war, six clear months before it started. Being sure of this prophecy, he asked some cousins and friends there to come to hide in Ghana to avoid being caught up in the war melee, and these people ran up over here a few week before the civil strife in Cote d?Ivoire actually took place. If such a Prophet is also predicting that civil war is about to roll over in Ghana, in regard to this year?s Presidential elections, just confirming the predications of myself and Rev. Dr. Owusu Bempah, will it not amount to irrational quixotry or an abstruse selinity to ignore this civil-war prophecy (without our doing nothing to prevent it) until we are caught up in it?


It was most unfortunate that all my efforts at personally getting to Rev. Owusu Bempah office for some talks about his civil war prophecy could not succeed, so I couldn?t know the details of his charismatic achievements whose exposition to the public could have more enriched their faith. Luckily, in respect of Prophet Arko Williams, I was able to scribble down 0277-945425 as his telephone number which was mentioned by Kofi Kum Bilson recently during his 11:30am morning show programme on PEACE FM, and this number enabled me to get in touch with the Prophet for a journalistic interview. I finally met him in his office, and I saw him to be very accommodating and genial, and ready to respond to my questions and comments. As to his educational and professional background, Prophet Arko Williams, who at the age of 44years, looks plumpy, stout, strong, hale and hearty, pointed at Accra Academy for his Secondary School education and St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School for his Advanced Level studies which he completed in 1987. With this educational background, he entered the Ghana Armed Forces in 1988. As the saying goes: ?God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform?, soldier Arko Williams was posted to the Middle East in 1990 from where he went to Israel in 1995 only to be drafted to a location called ELATT for meditation and spiritual inspiration about Jesus Christ.

Prophet Arko Williams was thenceforward brimming with charismatic spirituality, which was enhanced by his knowledge of Astrology, a subject he later taught in Egypt, India and Israel academies and institutions.

As time went on, his predisposition for charismatic spirituality had become clearly defined through regular prayers, fastings and Bible meditations, and after his return from Israel, he resigned from the Army, immediately to teach Astrology for a while, until the stronger promptings of the Spirit of God made him come back to Ghana to establish a charismatic ministry by which he can save many souls through preaching, healing, performance of miracles, prophecies etc. He began his ministry in 1996 at Kissiman, Accra.


Prophet Arko Williams is of the view that since Prophecies and Astrology concern themselves with predictions and guidance, he sometimes applies Astrology to read events, and if they are confirmed by the Holy Spirit, those predictions surely come true. When I argued that Astrology is not necessary in charismatic prophecy, he contended that: ?Astrology was my special field of study before I became a charismatic prophet, so definitely the tendency to use my specialization in my charismatic work cannot be ruled out.

Astrology is not ungodly. Otherwise the THREE WISE MEN in the Bible (who were astrologers) could not have dared to go to kneel before the newly born baby Jesus to adore him and to give him gold, frankincense and myrrh gifts. When Christ grew up, he never condemned Astrology.? That was an acceptable proposition. Fact is that Astrology can predict precisely, but cannot know all things, except the Lord Holy Spirit who sees far more secret things than Astrology. Therefore, before the Lord Holy Spirit, Astrology which is worldly knowledge, has its limits, especially in matters of discerning certain mysteries.

What is heartwarming is that Prophet Arko Williams interprets astrological events, and he ascertains interpretation of them through prayers which reveal to him what has been left behind, hence there is always accuracy in what he predicts. Therefore his predictions of any upcoming civil war will certainly come true, if we Ghanaians simply take it for granted and do nothing to prevent it.

In the field of soccer, Prophet Arko Williams, during the CAN 2012, presaged that Ghana would score Angola one nil, and admonished the Angolan President to avoid going to the soccer field, otherwise he would experience disgrace or humiliation. And this came true. He also predicted Ghana?s victory over Nigeria, and then over Tunisia, and all these happened. The case of a man who had snatched a man?s car was reported to him. He asked the victim to stand at a certain spot with a CID man accompanying him, standing a little farther away. As the victim stood on the spot, a man approached him so to sell a gun for five million Ghana old Cedis. This was exactly his gun. The victim feigning interest in the purchase deal, phoned the CID man to bring him money; and when the CID man arrived, the man was apprehended on the spot. A similar incident was when a man?s car had been stolen by some armed robbers. This received a spiritual direction from Prophet Arko Williams, and the car was recovered. This man of God, Prophet Arko Williams, is also known as ?Gyata? (Lion), an accolade he gained in Egypt when he miraculously solved very hard problems. In fact, he is reported to have performed several healings and miracles, making barren women become pregnant, businessmen and traders become more successful and wealthier, people with heart, waist, sexual, liver etc. troubles and all kinds of diseases becoming healed. Are the prophecies of such a Prophet to be ignored? Certainly, no!

Look again at how he predicted the Mills-Akufo Addo Presidential contest in 2008. He prophesied on Radio Universe and Peace FM that neither of them would get the required 50.1 percent; and he gave out the first round majority statistics of Akufo Ado as 49.54 percent, whilst Atta Mills would get the lesser percent. But he prophesied that in the run-off, Atta Mills was to lead with 50.1 percent to become the President. All these came true! When I asked whether President Atta Mills has ever interacted with him personally to say a ?thank you?, the Prophet fell silent. But his secretary said ?no?. If this is so, I would advise comrade President Atta Mills to immediately correct his mistake, since gratitude shown to God?s men brings more blessings.

The message of this upcoming civil war appears to be gratefully receiving acknowledgement, as some churches have already begun prayers; and such a civil attention or society group as Old Vandals of Legon University have reportedly met to discuss it, swearing to preach and canvass against it. Congrats old vandals. And let all civil and religious groups talk against it, and fast, and pray over it. God bless Ghana with peace!

By Apostle Kwamena Ahinful

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