United Progressive Party
United Progressive Party

The 2016 general elections which is barely some eleven months away has in many ways not changed the perception and minds of the masses but has also lead to the making of certain crucial and critical decisions by some political parties in the country since they are they are the main institutions on whose tickets presidential and parliamentary candidates will be elected to rule for the next four years after 2016.

United Progressive Party
United Progressive Party

Such of these critical decisions is the formation of alliances between political parties and groups for a better and stronger front which will possibly help the win power thus the open invitation being offered by the United Progressive Party.

A statement copied to Newsghana.com.gh, the party is open to forming alliance with any registered political party or independent candidate who would interested in partnering them to form what the party calls a “”strong united front” capable of wining power in 2016.

Below is the statement from UPP.

The United Progressive Party is ready to form “A United for Positive Change Alliance” with an interested registered political Parties (or Party) or with an Independent Presidential Candidate ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Nothing is impossible in politics and we have open our doors for this possible alliance to form the next government in order to positively transform the economy of Ghana by ensuring stability and predictability of the cedi against major trading currencies, permanently solve the energy crisis, reduce corruption, prevent wastage of financial resources and ensure total provision of good governance.

The alliance to form the next government in 2017 is for the best of Ghana democracy.

It is not about individual ambition of becoming President but it is all about uniting for power and using the attained power to change lives and transform Ghana positively.

Ghanaians are yearning for a total economic independence and we strongly believe that such economic liberty can be achieved by all-inclusive governance.

This is simply to emphasis that, if Parties don’t win collective things, we cannot win individual awards.
Razak Kojo Opoku
(General Secretary)

Source- NewsGhana.com.gh


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