Below is the statement issued by the Mamprugu Youth Association

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, we are most grateful to you for responding to our call and accepting to carry our concerns and reservations across despite the short notice.

As you are all aware, The Mamprugu Youth Association is one of the oldest youth group in Naa Gbewaa Kingdom , our great great great grandfather was the first son of Naa Gbewaa; Tohagu.

Over the past few years, our Kingdom has suffered a lot due to lack of Developmental projects and the Joblessness situation amongst our youth . our Kingdom has not seen any improvement with regards to health concerns of our people . The youth of our Kingdom suffering.

Our concerns and reservations are serious and must be considered in order not to marry apathy for future of our unborn children. 1. Our youth have suffered so much under this government. 2. our roads are in a very bad shape. 3 . our women are suffering due to poor health care delivery in our Kingdom . 4. our famers are also in a very sorry state because the cost of farming inputs are very expensive .

The NDC and president Mahama is not only a party and president for NDC youth alone , He is a president for all Ghanaians and must find solutions to our problems .

The Ndc has become a monumental embarrassment and a subject of ridicule in our kingdom they have converted themselves into the propaganda tool and soldiered on with a litany of politically unwise and silly agenda against any group of people that speaks the truth .

Ladies and Gentlemen , We the youth of mamprugu are declaring our unflinching support to Dr.Bawumia and the NPP in the 2016 general election because, we have a firm believe that if they get the nod , life will get better for us. we are also of the view that NPP is the only party that can improve the living conditionsof our people .

We are calling on all and sundry who lives in Mamprugu and has it at heart to support and vote massively for NPP. Nana Addo and Dr.Bawumia are men of integrity in our society . They are the only people who can save our country from the naked corruption .

We will also in this last days campaign for all the five (5) parliamentary candidates of Npp and their Standard bearer (Nana Akuffo Addo ) . We wish the Npp a very good luck in the 7th December polls. Thank you

Long live Mamprugu
Long live Mamprugu youth
Long live Ghana .

Mr. Hussein ussif


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