elder Noah
elder Noah

Fellow Dodowerians, the good people in Shai-Osudoku district I present to you the man the people wants in Shai-Osudoku popularly known as elder Noah as your MP for 2016 parliamentary elections.

elder Noah
elder Noah

Ooh come on guys; stand up for your right, from Michael Afedi Gizo to David Assumeng it was all about the NDC in the Shai-Osudoku Constituency. Who says change is not good for mankind? So what is next and who mount a strong challenge in the constituency to change the face of parliamentary elections in the constituency? So as I walk through the principal streets of shai-Osudoku lamenting about the challenges confronting the people and who will lead the people there I was told of a Pentecost elder who want to take the challenge in 2016. From Osuwem to Kordiebe, Doryumu, Ayikuma, Matetse, Dodowa and all the surroundings the people have started calling for a change in the Shai-Land and although groups calling themselves concerned citizens of Dodowa-Shai practically have failed the people of the Shai-land to tackle relevant issues confronting the people.

In 1996, Michael Afedi Gizo won the elections with 14,814, Kwame Tetteh Korley had, 2319 for the NPP. In 2000, Mike won again this time with 10,562 losing about 4,000 members to Eric Abraham Nartey of the NRP who made a huge mark with 4844 as against the NPP candidate Adjowerh Nartey, 4439.

In 2004, the incumbent David Tetteh Assumeng of the NDC won with 13,510 and the NPP with their arsenal woman Gloria Akuffo managed 7,386 unfortunately she didn?t appearagain because of the disappointments she suffered from the people but I see no reason why she didn?t come back because you don?t expect the people to give you the go ahead just for the first time like that and this game is like running a business Gloria missed the chance to take the seat for the NPP in 2008 if she contested. Now it is over for her because the people are saying they will not vote for her again even if she suffices because they believe she has an agenda. In 2008, Assumeng won again with 14,725, Dungan of the NPP had=5565 and then Emmanuel Martey Tetteh had 1876 for the CPP.

In 2012 ,David ooh oh David was there again with a whopping 18,089, Dungan for the NPP had 5,565 and look at this Emmanuel Martey who left the CPP for the PPP had 5,069. Form this analysis it is still clear the people still want change but who to give the baton to is their problem so eventually they always decides to vote for the NDC candidate but it is going to be a different ball game altogether in 2016 because of the hearings on the ground and in fact there are more scholars in the Shai-Osudoku land now than before.


SOURCE:?Raphael obu


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