One of Ghana?s finest budding gospel artists, Elder Albert Quarm has launched what pundits have described as a ?spirit-filled? second album at the Church of Pentecost Adwen-Bu Central in Accra.

Titled Megye M?adee, the 12-track album is as a result of years of painstaking compilation of rich lyrics, good beats and vocals.

Songs on the album, including Annuonnyam, Ode Adom, Mo Mma Kanea No So, Mununkum, Asomdwe Hene and Jesus Na Wagye Me, will definitely set the tone for several music celebrations and worships.

Although it is new, many music pundits who have listened critically to the songs believe it holds the right contents capable of having a significant impact on the Ghanaian and international music scene.

They stressed that; they will not be surprised if songs on the album take the nation by storm in the coming months.

Already, a track like Megye M?adee has been enjoying massive rotations on some of the Ghana?s leading FM stations.

It was, however, not surprising when the atmosphere at the main auditorium of the Adwen-Bu Central Chapel erupted with joy and wide excitement when he sang that particular song at the launch.

This compelled the hundreds, who have gathered for the launch, to jump spontaneously, in pure excitement, onto their feet to dance: of course Chriszonto was at its best there.

Elder Albert Quarm told in an interview that he took inspiration from Ephesians 4:8 and 11: ?8.This is why it says: ?When he ascended on high, he took many captives and gave gifts to his people.??11. So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers?.

He said God has endowed everybody with a talent (gift), and it was therefore the duty of every individual to make good use of his or her talent.

Reception to Gospel music

For instance, he said, his gift is music and would be a disobedience to God and a great disservice to the general public if he fails to entertain as well as propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ through song ministration.

Eld. Quarm noted that God?s given talents should be used to the benefit of mankind, and was certain that whoever uses the talent well will be blessed.

He said it took him well over four years to put together the album which most of the songs were written by him to entertain, inspire and bring hope to believers.

Pastor Elijah Mahama Akpanyi, Adwen-Bu District Pastor, C.O.P. deplored the kind of reception music lovers give to gospel songs.

He explained, many of the circular music do not carry any meaningful messages that are beneficial to the society, but unfortunately, those are the songs the public embrace whole heartedly. He warned that some of these songs have negative spiritual undertone aimed at sending people astray and getting them closer to the devil.

He called on Christians to be awake, and just as David used music to drive away evil spirit, they should also use gospel music to direct the future of the country.

Elder Quarm was backed by Elder Larweh, Ruth Adjei, Nhyira Betty, Sam Cooper, Stephen Tetteh, Martha and Jane Quaye.

The album was launched by Eld. Duah, a popular radio presenter at Peace FM, with support from Apostle Moses Ladijo (retd).

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