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He packs a mean 16 bar verse so strong it?s guaranteed to leave his competition dizzy! His delivery is witty, sharp, and precise and his subject matter delves around his reality and the hustle that he pushes everyday. EINDO ? the mogul in the making is not your typical wanna-be rapper who draws influences from the unattainable or fantasy world of superficial music videos breaking at the seams with too much tits. He is a poet and story teller, an attribute he picked up from time spent with his father who is an Igbo Chief who used to sing to him and also listen to him sing from a tender age.

The year is 2013 and EINDO, born Ndubuise Jude Okeke has finally discovered his real voice and answered God?s calling for him to bless the microphone and mesmerize the world with his talent. Fresh off the production boards and edit suite is Eindo?s first official single ?Live & Let Live? a bouncy energy packed song that will no doubt take the airwaves and club scene by storm.

Says Eindo:? We decided to launch my career here in because this is the bread basket of the continent and best place to launch, from here we are going global no doubt?, he says with a humility that?s laced with straight confidence.

 ?I don?t want to be known as that local Nigeria artist, and no disrespect to my country I love it but I believe my potential and destiny is on the global stage, that is where I belong and that is where I want to put Nigeria?, he emphasized.

?Live & Let Live?s? basic message is simply to discourage people from taking food out of someone?s else?s mouth as we are all creations of God and we should not try to exercise superiority over other human beings as there is enough to go around?.

Vibrant up and coming South African producer MSA On Beats produced the single. Other singles that are ready, off this debut album are Money No Limit, Money On My Mind and Mary Jane.   What seems to be Eindo?s edge over what is currently available on the market is the variety of music influences his brings into his music. It?s unpredictable and borders on breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope, the same formula that has created the Kanye Wests and the Drakes of this world.

?Lyrically, I talk about real activities and real life and I think that?s what people want to hear, everybody else wants to talk about Bentleys that they do not have, I preach hard work and success?.

The trick in his creative hat for this debut project is to take what?s trending- modify it and give it his own twist but keeping it consistent with current trends. In addition to his music love, Eindo?s other passion is in the acting and fashion world and is currently developing an apparel line called VDC.

Listen, Watch and Observe as Africa?s next biggest export prepares for his take off into global stardom

Watch ?Live and Let Live? by EINDO below:



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