The police vehicle crashes through a fence as it is pushed off the 6th of October bridge in Cairo by protesters as violence in the capital escalated

This is the horrifying moment an armoured police vehicle was pushed off a bridge by protestors in Cairo today.

Video footage shows the van plunging off the 6th October Bridge before demonstrators attacked the wreckage.

It is not known if how many people were on board and how many people survived the fall but disturbing images shows bloodied men lying around the van moments afterwards.

Reports on Twitter claim five officers were killed, but this has not been confirmed.

As violence across the capital escalated, Egypt announced a month-long state of emergency across the nation on state TV from 2pm.

It comes as security forces and protestors demanding the reinstatement of deposed President Mohamed Morsi battled around the streets of Cairo.

The dramatic pictures of the van show it being ambushed by dozens of people before crashing through a protective fence on the bridge.

It then falls upside-down and then rolls onto its roof as it lands.

Blood can then be seen on the ground as nearby police officers pull injured men out of the crushed vehicle.

An amateur video posted on YouTube shows the van land amid chaotic scenes where hundreds of protestors were clashing with police below the bridge.

Dozens immediately run over the wreckage and continue to throw stones and missiles at the van while under fire from the security forces.

Sky cameraman Mick Deane, who was covering clashes between security forces and protectors, was shot dead this morning.

Mr Deane, 61, who was married with two sons, was with Middle East correspondent Sam Kiley when he was shot.

Source-Dailymail UK


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