Sensational singer Efya, is expecting to come out with another bang, in her career as she wants to be remembered for not just being a female musician who rocked the Ghana music scene for a while but as one who came, made a difference and left a legacy. “I want to be a legend?, she said.

EfyaShe has been the toast of many audiences for her great voice, artistic performances and bold stage presence, said that whatever modest success she has achieved has been the result of hard work and regular practice.

?As a musician, they are the reason I hit that stage so I don?t have to disappoint them but ensure they are full to the brim. That has been my secret and it has come along with rehearsals over the years,” she revealed adding that??When I get on stage, the only thing that I have on my mind is to see my fans happy after my performance. It is not about me anymore but my fans who want to get the best out of me.

?Any musician who performs to the satisfaction of the fans knows because you could tell from their faces. For me, I feel ?gingam? when my audiences applaud my performance because that tells me that I have nailed it. If not why am I a performer?? she asked.

Even though Efya may be enjoying all the praises for being a good singer and performer but she is definitely not pleased with allegations about her involvement with drug use.

?I don?t know where all these allegations come from. Anytime, one works hard to get recognition and success, it is alluded to negativity and I sometimes wonder if people cannot use positive means to get success,? she said.

?Maybe, people are overwhelmed by my impact in the industry within this relatively short period. It didn?t come on a silver platter. I worked hard and I see no reason why I should allow people?s perception and what they think to define me. Nobody knows me better than myself so I don?t have to drum it into people?s ears that I don?t do drugs?.?


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