?When His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Abia State, Chief T.A. Orji, was relocating the Umuahia Main Market to its present site, there were hues and cries by some naive traders who thought that it was a punishment to them. Today , these traders are thanking their God that Chief T.A. Orji took that bold decision. They are now ensconced in the beautiful scenery of Ubani Ibeku Market with adequate arrangements for their transportation and security.

The old site of the market is now about to witness a development never seen in Umuahia before. The Abia Event Centre is a multi-purpose centre that will house a zoological garden, modern recreation parks, highbrow buildings , offices and several modern day paraphernalia that give any modern city an aesthetic outlook. Governor Orji has determinedly decided to change the face of Umuahia forever and make this town join the league of other modern towns in Nigeria.

Abians and Nigerians are now seeing why the old Umuahia Main Market was relocated. The coast is now clear.

As the developers are about to begin work on the site of the Abia Event Centre, residents and commercial offices near the Centre must stand up to the challenges of refurbishing their houses and offices to wear a new look befitting a modern Event Centre. All surroundings around the proposed Abia Event Centre must be clean and modern.
All Abians should contribute their own quota to make the Abia Event Centre a reality.

Source?Nnaji Obed Asiegbu


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