The Ghana National Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) has called on the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance to effect the payment of their allowances and salaries.

The Association said it has noted with concern the plight of majority of intern nurses and midwives on National Service across the country who are faced with the predicament of non-payment of national service allowances over a period of eight months.


In a statement signed and copied the Ghana News Agency, the GRNMA said, few members who have received their allowances were paid for only November 2019 on Level 8 low instead of Level 12 on the Single Spine Salary Structure as negotiated by GRNMA.

The GRNMA said intern Rotation Nurses and Midwives and Degree Prepared Nurses doing their national service should be paid corresponding allowances on Level 12 on the single spine salary structure.
It said salary arrears due the intern nurses and midwives from April this year should also be paid by January 31 next year.

The Association said the cost of biometric registration of the current and upcoming interns should be borne by the Ministry of Health and not the Rotation Nurses and Midwives.

It said these issues should be addressed as a matter of urgency to prevent any industrial unrest.


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